St. Mary’s Videos

We Love St. Mary’s

And not just because they’re one of our clients.  The marketing team at St Mary’s have been great to work with and genuinely interested in developing a social media strategy that creates a community around their services.

A lot of organizations are interested in social media. Few are interested in putting the effort required into actually creating a social media community.

As part of their strategy, we made a series of web videos intended to give expectant mothers a quick tour of the St. Mary’s Hospital for Women and Children.

It was a two day shoot for Chris and Damon around the St. Mary’s facility using all staff and volunteers (no paid-actors).  After that, it was a quick edit, color-grade and score (by yours truly).

We were pleased with the result. Very “un-hollywood” production, but some great visuals. It almost makes me want to have a baby.

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