Why Should I Use A Professional Voice For My Project?

I recently caught up with a college friend, Laura Chase, who is in the voice-over business and asked her to work with us on a video project for St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children. After the production, I asked her a few questions.

FHM: When did you know this was the profession for you?

LC: Ever since the day I exited my mother’s womb, I have been quite vocal.  The gift to talk has served me well, whether I’m in front of thousands in packed concert arenas, talking to thousands on the radio, speaking in churches or youth gatherings, and of course all the crazy characters I act out in dramas and skits.  I LOVE to entertain and being a voice actor is part of the FUN!

I jumped into doing voice-overs (VO) during an extensive 20+ years in radio.  VO was a great creative outlet to write, voice and produce hundreds of spots and commercials from scratch, start to finish!  When the economy started to sour a few years ago, it looked like the perfect opportunity to perfect my voice acting skills, so I hooked up with New York City’s Great Voice Company, and one of the Big Apple’s top voice-over coaches.  They, along with several NYC producers, the helped fine-tune my skills and center in on which VO niches I am best suited for; my favorites are Corporate and E-learning Videos, IVR Systems, Audio Tours and of course, Commercials.

FHM: Why should a company use a professional voice instead of their CEO or an employee?

LC: It is such a wise decision to utilize the talents of a professional voice actor for your company instead of relying on a CEO or an employee.  Professionally trained voice-actors specialize in the trade and bring the highest level of professionalism to your business that others simply cannot.  For example; if you were experiencing heart problems and needed open-heart surgery; would you try to find the cheapest heart doctor around, or would you look for one of the best in the coronary field because you value your life?

The same should go for your company.  Since you value your business, you should look for someone that is highly skilled in voice-over to represent you.  The “voice” will be your customer’s first contact with your company, and that contact will either leave a positive or negative impression in their mind; that voice may be the first that they hear in your phone system, a TV or radio spot, or in videos on your website.

Some people may say that, “you can find plenty of voice-actors to do the job at a cheaper rate.”  This is true.  In fact, I can give you the numbers of 10 other voice-actors that will do so, but you will not receive the top quality product, professionalism and reliability that I guarantee every time.

Here are 3 of the top reasons why it is vital to choose a professional voice actor:

1. Professional Voice Actors are experts in the field and highly trained for this specific type of work.  Voice acting is my chosen career; I live it, breath it, study it and absolutely love it. My chief goal is to make your company stand out from among the rest.

2. Voice Acting is not my hobby and I am not “newbie” with a USB mic.  My equipment is top-quality, whether in the studio, or using my portable equipment while traveling.  In fact, this equipment enables me to be available to do last minute orders for clients while on the road.

3. As a Professional Voice Actor, I have 20+ years experience in broadcast and commercial production. I faithfully and consistently deliver top quality voice-overs, on time, every time. My clients regularly receive compliments from their customers on the voice they have chosen to represent them and their products.

FHM: So how was the experience working with Fat Head Media on the St. Mary’s project?

LC: It was truly an emotionally moving experience to be the voice for the birthing center at St. Mary’s Women and Children’s Hospital. The script was easy to relate to since my own newborn required a little extra attention after she was born.  I am thankful for the opportunity to share about a hospital staff that cares about the entire family, from the beginning of the pregnancy to the the birthday!

You can listen to Laura’s Production Demo by clicking here

Laura Chase
Voice Actor/Producer
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