Rollerblading & the Sony FS700

This past Saturday Thomas Bernardin, Chris Weatherly and myself took the Sony FS700 out for a slo-mo test. Thomas is a great DP but today he was our on camera talent and he has mad skills. We wanted to test the slo-mo capabilities of the camera with some fast paced action. Since Thomas was our talent we gave him the footage to edit. His editing and coloring skills along with great music from Sean Little, Chris Weatherly’s DP skills and my gear made for one great little project at the park.

See our review below and also be on the looking out for the upcoming video review of the Sony FS700 by Chris Weatherly.

Sony FS 700 Review

2010 was a pivotal year for Fat Head Media. For years, we had been shooting video on the trusty Sony PD150, a prosumer work-horse of SD video shot on a tiny sensor. I lusted after the cinematic look of cameras well out of our price range and fervently researched absurd mods like depth of field adapters, but there had already been rumblings. The game was changing*.

Since the 2008 release of the Canon 5D Mk II (a camera Canon never expected a video professional to purchase) and the subsequent release of the Canon 7D we had all been drooling of positively salacious amounts of bokeh (shallow depth of field) in this rapidly breeding genre.

Then, sometime in March 2010, we got our first 7D body, and quite honestly, with little to no exaggeration, our lives changed.

The past 2 years of filmmaking have been exceptional. A period of unparalleled expansion and refinement of our craft.

It has also been a wild time for the world of digital video.

To sum up; despite their extremely economic image-quality to cost ratio, there comes a point in every DSLR shooter’s life where they long for something more. Specifically, higher bit-rates, lower crop ratio (for the 7D), quality on camera audio just to name a few.

Enter the FS700, a camera for grown-ups. A camera that is shockingly good at shooting video because that is what it’s designed to do (unlike DSLRS).

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