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Sony FS 700 Review

bnnotess —  August 3, 2012

2010 was a pivotal year for Fat Head Media. For years, we had been shooting video on the trusty Sony PD150, a prosumer work-horse of SD video shot on a tiny sensor. I lusted after the cinematic look of cameras well out of our price range and fervently researched absurd mods like depth of field adapters, but there had already been rumblings. The game was changing*.

Since the 2008 release of the Canon 5D Mk II (a camera Canon never expected a video professional to purchase) and the subsequent release of the Canon 7D we had all been drooling of positively salacious amounts of bokeh (shallow depth of field) in this rapidly breeding genre.

Then, sometime in March 2010, we got our first 7D body, and quite honestly, with little to no exaggeration, our lives changed.

The past 2 years of filmmaking have been exceptional. A period of unparalleled expansion and refinement of our craft.

It has also been a wild time for the world of digital video.

To sum up; despite their extremely economic image-quality to cost ratio, there comes a point in every DSLR shooter’s life where they long for something more. Specifically, higher bit-rates, lower crop ratio (for the 7D), quality on camera audio just to name a few.

Enter the FS700, a camera for grown-ups. A camera that is shockingly good at shooting video because that is what it’s designed to do (unlike DSLRS).

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I recently caught up with a college friend, Laura Chase, who is in the voice-over business and asked her to work with us on a video project for St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children. After the production, I asked her a few questions.

FHM: When did you know this was the profession for you?

LC: Ever since the day I exited my mother’s womb, I have been quite vocal.  The gift to talk has served me well, whether I’m in front of thousands in packed concert arenas, talking to thousands on the radio, speaking in churches or youth gatherings, and of course all the crazy characters I act out in dramas and skits.  I LOVE to entertain and being a voice actor is part of the FUN!
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Gear Review: Vinten Tripod

bnnotess —  September 16, 2010

Chris reviews the Vinten loaner tripod.

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Chris talks through some of the challenges of the shoot.

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St. Mary's Videos

bnnotess —  September 13, 2010

Producing content for web and social media.

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According to this article on FoxNews,  U.S. web surfers are spending more time socializing than they are searching.

In August 41.1 million minutes (9.8%) were spent on Facebook versus only 39.8 million minutes (9.6%) on all of Google’s sites combined (gmail, searching, YouTube, and all the other smaller Google webs)

Now you might be thinking we are only talking a 1.3 million minutes difference, but in 2007 Facebook captured less than 2 percent of the minutes and Google had a little less than 4 percent while Yahoo had a little over 12 percent. So the shift is huge with more and more people turning to Social Media for their online source for news, friends, picture upload, videos postings, and games.

So what does this mean for my business?
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Why Social Media?

bnnotess —  September 9, 2010

We did this quick animation to present the idea of a socail media strategy to a couple potential clients.

What’s amazing is that a few months later, the stats are already way out of date. Facebook now has half-a-billion people. That means the population of Facebook is only less than China and India. Kind of puts it in perspective doesn’t it?

Open Your Eyes

bnnotess —  September 5, 2010

Our resident cinematographer Chris Weatherly was asked by One Life Church to put together this amazing video for his friends the Barnards.

The emotional intensity is impossible to describe. It’s a story of absolute heroic faith.

Lessons in Wedding Video

bnnotess —  September 2, 2010
Just over a month ago I shot my first wedding on video. I’ve had a bit of experience in the past with shooting weddings as a still photographer, but never as a videographer.

Using the Canon 7D, a Vinten tripod/head, Zacuto Striker w/ Z-Finder, and a ton of batteries and memory cards all turned out pretty well. The client was happy with the work and I was too.

Here are a few lessons I learned from my wedding experience:
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