5 Essential Accessories to Help Improve Your iPhone Video

Today’s smartphones have incredible built in technologies allowing consumers to record HD professional video right out of the box. In addition, a plethora of video gadgets are constantly introduced to help you one-up your videography game. We have somehow narrowed down this abundance to 5 essential accessories you need to help with your mobile yet professional video.


Our Pick: Zoom iQ5 Microphone for iPhone

Poor quality sound dramatically increases the chance that viewers switch off before reaching the end of your video.

If you’re careful, you can record usable audio using your device’s microphone: Try to record somewhere quiet with minimal background noise (traffic and neighbors mowing their lawn are definite no-no’s), and get as close to your subject(s) as possible.

If you want to record higher quality audio or your camera needs to be physically positioned at a distance from your subject, you’ll want to consider using a dedicated, external microphone.

zoom mic

The Zoom iQ5 Professional Microphone is a lightning connector microphone which means it attaches at your iPhone’s charging point (iPhone 5 or later). It’s coolest feature is the 90-degree swivel ball which can be directed at the sound you wish to record.

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Our Pick: Gorillapod

Because mobile devices are small, it’s easy to create unwanted camera shake when shooting handheld, and unless you’re shooting the next Cloverfield the shaky–cam look is probably something you want to avoid.

Using a case or dedicated camera rig will make your device more stable, easier to hold and can add standard tripod and cold shoe mounts for use with additional upgrades and accessories.


With over 5 different models to choose from, Joby has knocked it out of the park with the Gorillapod tripod. Known for the flexible legs, this tripod can bend and flex around anything to hold your shot steady. Also it features magnetic bottoms allowing you to mount it to… say.. your refrigerator to get that perfect shot.

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Our Pick: OlloClip

The lenses on most smartphone and tablet cameras are roughly equivalent to the same field of view of the human eye. Sometimes, you might want something different: These lens accessories can help you shoot wider and close-up shots, and experiment with different looks and effects, like fisheye and macro.


Olloclip’s simple, clip–on lens accessories add fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and macro lens upgrades to your iPhone or iPad.

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Our Pick: Manfrotto KLYP+ Case

To avoid dark, under-exposed video it’s important to make sure your subject(s) are well lit. In most environments you’ll be able to use available light, but occasionally you may need to supplement that with another light source.












Our Pick: Steadicam Smoothee

The Steadicam Smoothee is designed to enable you to shoot smooth jerk- and jiggle-free movies handheld when using a cell phone or other small video-capture device. Indeed, it’s nothing less than a simplified, miniaturized version of the Academy Award-winning Steadicam used by countless Hollywood cinematographers.

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Source: Mediacore

DIY Cinematography Hacks

Just because your competitor has top-notch gear that cost him/her more than a down payment on your first house, doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. There are thousands of DIY photography and videography hacks out there that nobody knows about.

Check out these two videos below that outline some of the very best!